• Polls is polls.

    Here’s where Newsweek starts the impending flood of stories about a Kerry comeback which some say were inevitable no matter what happened in the debate last Thursday. They credit JF Kerry’s rise to his debate performance, and the poll was taken between Thursday and Saturday.

    It’s 47%-45%, Kerry’s lead, in a two way; it’s 49%-46%-2% in a three-way w/ Ralph. Yes, the poll shows that more people would vote for Kerry if Nader were running.

    This poll was taken during the frenetic media euphoria concerning “Kerry’s demolition of the President” Thursday night, to the results should at least have been adjusted to reflect that. They want a race and thus they are manufacturing one.

    [Erick Erickson looks at the Newsweek survey, as does Steven Taylor.]

  • And now for something completely different. A Dan Balz piece from Sunday’s Washington Post:
    Thursday's debate produced a dramatic psychological shift in the presidential race, but strategists said it was less clear how much impact the 90-minute encounter would have on a lead that Bush has enjoyed since his convention in New York a month ago.
    Thank you, Dan.

  • It was almost predictable. A Christian Science Monitor report tells us that Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit flick is damaging the morale of our troops in Iraq to whom it is shown. I want to know who is the bozo who decided that it would be good to show our troops in the battlefield some anti-U.S. propaganda. If we want to win a war, they should not be exposed to subversive garbage.

  • Q: Who is Russ Adams? A: The starting Shortstop for the New York Yankees Saturday afternoon.

    That’s how much this game meant, for a team which has, on its roster and healthy, both Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriquez -- arguably the two greatest short stops in the game today – a 24-year-old kid just out of UNC started at the position this afternoon. The Blue Jays beat the Yanks, 4-2. The big news is that Kevin Brown, who broke his hand whilst throwing a tantrum last month, pitched 5 innings of 1-hit baseball.

  • Q: Who is Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi? A: A baroque violinist/composer about whom we know next to nothing except that he died around 1669 at the age of 19.

    We also know that the kid wrote some brilliant violin sonatas, and it is to those which I am listening this evening.



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