• New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey, who announced his resignation in August after admitting an adulterous homosexual relationship with a man he made his homeland security advisor, has denied through a spokesperson a report in the Newark Star-Ledger that he would join the law firm of Weiner Lesniak LLP. Lesniak is State Senator Raymond Lesniak, a Democrat.
    "The governor's return to the private sector will be welcome relief for the taxpayers," Republican spokesman Brian Callanan said Tuesday.
    But will he go away?

  • They may not be France, but the island nation of Fiji is sending 155 troops Wednesday to Iraq for three months to guard the U.N. headquarters in Baghdad. They are providing their own weapons, but they will receive about $2-million in other supplies from Australia.

    Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time? Thank God that they were not told that by anyone credible.

  • Billing itself as the President's hometown paper, the Lone Star Iconoclast of Crawford, Texas, endorsed JF Kerry. The MSM loved that one up, but it turns out the little rag is run by the Mayor of a town 20-miles. And the citizenry has told the publisher, basically, to get the hook.
    [Iconclast publisher W. Leon] Smith said he hopes tempers cool and his relations with Crawford merchants improve after the election.

    Asked about that possibility, [Coffee Station owner Nick] Spanos replied, "With him? Hell, no."
    Even the small publishers so want to appear enlightened to their peers.

  • No music tonight. I'm watching one of those games which happen only between the Yankees and the Red Stockings. The first six innings belonged to the Yankees, as they scored eight runs and starter Mike Mussina threw a perfect game through six.

    Then the damn dam broke and the Sox scored 5 in the 7th.

    Headed to the 8th, the Yankees have Flash Gordon and Mo Rivera to put this game away, so all other things in the universe being right and equal, the Sox have scored their last. Of course, one never knows. …

    This was the game the Red Sox had to win, though. This afternoon, I noted elsewhere that if the Yankees won the first game against Schilling, they will return to the World Series. And they will.

    Scratch that. David Ortiz just smacked a two-run double off Gordon. It's 8-7. Rivera to pich to Millar.

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