• It is a Presidential election, and an estimated one-third of all voters will be experimenting with electronic voting. Perhaps Hackers for Kerry will have their way, or we could be looking at a President "James T. Kirk."

    I'm not sure why these election officials want to play this game, especially so close to Al Gore's 2000 tirade.

  • In Daytona Beach on Saturday, President Bush told the crowd that "the best way to avoid the draft is to vote for me." So JF Kerry suggested that President Bush contributed to the shortage of flu vaccine by ignoring it and trying to hide it.
    [D]eny it, pretend it's not there, and then try to hide it when it comes out and act surprised.
    Vote for Kerry/Edwards and you won't get flu?

  • In a conference call with reporters Saturday, Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack -- a Kerry surrogate – declared: "In my state alone, 1,000 people will likely die of flu. That number may substantially increase due to the Bush Administration's actions… This is a life and death set of decisions for the frailest and elderliest set of our population."

  • Yes, the governor used the term "edlerliest" as the superlative form of the adjective "elderly." This would make the comparative from, then, "elderlier." Would that be an old person who propels a gondolier?

  • The polls (Zogby/Reuters, Newsweek) are starting to show a correction in the national polling, which right now means very little but to provide entertaining fodder for political writers. I suspect the correction will continue, and we'll see the President ahead by at least eight points, probably ten, by Friday.

    But keep your eyes on Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

  • The Yankees played the Red Sox in game three of the ALCS in Fenway this evening, and it wasn't over by the time I scribbled this. The teams took turns beating each other up over the first three innings, then the Yankees took control in the 4th.

    It is 13-6 New York in the top of the 6th. What are the Red Sox doing in the playoffs?

  • This afternoon, I listened to Dmitri Shostakovich's score for the 1929 film The New Babylon. I have never seen the film, although I am a lowly student and fan of silent films, and this might be because it is a Soviet film not directed by Sergei Eisenstein. The music is an artwork unto itself, though.


    Well, of course they can keep you from getting flu! After all, they can heal you, bring you right up out of that wheelchair and make you walk! And that's on top of beng able to raise you from the dead (even if it's only for one day every four years).

    By Blogger Tully, at October 17, 2004 at 4:37 PM  

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