• The intro to the debate notes sent out to Rightsided Newsletter subscribers:

    I had estimated that John Edwards would win the debate, and he clearly did not. If I had to call a winner, it would be Vice President Cheney, whose demeanor was confident and, most importantly, competent. He stressed the importance of the job, and the importance of having George Bush fill the office. Edwards recited his campaign speech.

  • The word from the RSN after the notes:

    We learned more from this debate than we did from the bizarre show last Thursday.

  • Although I've not yet had time to contemplate the debate, my reaction is that the Vice President seemed ready to rock; Edwards seemed to be running for the Senate.

  • The Yankees are trailing the twins, 2-0, in the 8th. Santana has left the game, but it doesn't look like the Yanks' night. A-Rod was robbed of a home run by Torii Hunter. What a catch.

  • Tonight's debate was nearly an actual debate, which surprised me. And I had expected Edwards to be more in control of the environment and his audience, but he seemed like a junior staffer for the Kerry campaign appearing on a Sunday talk show. And I don't think Shrum would let him speak for the campaign next time.


    Dick Cheney showed so much gravitas, I thought Edwards was going to float away. The retort about denigrating the sacrifices of the Iraqis was a classic. That will make the highlight films four years from now.

    Did you find Edwards' constant "we got a plan" as irritating as I did? It had me grinding my teeth - "Great! WHAT'S THE PLAN?"

    By Blogger David L, at October 5, 2004 at 11:25 PM  

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