• Interesting thought from Men's News Daily:
    Of course, the other way to look at these results is to consider the fact that most people who have witnessed Bush’s debates going back to when he first ran for governor of Texas have avowed that this is his worst performance ever. If this is indeed the case, and Kerry wasn’t able to truly score a decisive enough victory on Thursday night to move the polls more in his favor, how’s he going to do so if the President actually decides to show up for the next two?
    He followed this with a hockey analogy, but the NHL is taking the year off.

  • Rasmussen has Bush up by 4 in Florida, while SurveyUSA puts his lead at 5 points.

    SurveyUSA gives Bush 4 points in Nevada, and it gives JF Kerry 5 points in Jersey. [RealClear Politics, of course.]

  • New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey told New York's Newsday: "I have a love affair with the state of New Jersey."

    This is more serious than we had been led to believe. No wonder he resigned.

  • French efforts to negotiate the release of those two journalist hostages in Iraq have turned into a "fiasco," according to Reuters. An opposition leader in France said, "It's bordering on the ridiculous. French diplomacy has been humiliated."

    Last month, France secured the help of Hamas and Moqtada al Sadr in their attempt to secure the release of the hostages. That was French diplomacy in action.

  • I am listening to The Planets, by Gustav Holst. It's pretty popular stuff, as this kind of music goes. If you're not familiar with the work, you might recognize his Mars: Bringer of War and/or Jupiter: Bringer of Jolity.

    It's interesting stuff. And tomorrow night is the veep debate.

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