• In 1995, U.N. weapons inspector Charles Duelfer urgently warned the I.A.E.A. that there were huge stockpiles of dangerous explosives -- HMX, RDX, and PETN explosives – at the same Al-Qaqaa site which has become part of JF Kerry's campaign speech. The organization refused, saying they did not believe the explosives were part of Saddam Hussein's WMD production program, the one which the Duelfer Report recently explained did not exist in 1995.

  • The online teen magazine SLATE has surveyed its staff, and they support JF Kerry. I've rarely seen a more specious and intellectually bankrupt collection thoughts. The sum is the old "Bush lied" line combined with a splash or two of "Bush has cooties."

  • By the time you read this, Yasser Arafat might have ventured to his reserved cranny in hell. This comes years or decades too late for most of the dead.

  • Tonight, I'm listening to Louis Spohr has the Curse of the Bambino is rent asunder. He was a violin virtuoso in his day, which ended before the U.S. Civil War. Unlike violinists such as Paganini, Viotti, and Wieniawski, he wrote for more that only the violin. He composed about ten symphonies.

    Which is something, for a violinist.


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