General Tommy Franks has heard enough. Tuesday, he laid waste to JF Kerry's Tora Bora line: "I was responsible for the operation at Tora Bora, and I can tell you that the senator's understanding of events doesn't square with reality."

The Kerry campaign accused him of changing his story while campaigning for the President, but he repeated exactly what was said at the time.
"We don't know to this day whether Mr. bin Laden was at Tora Bora in December 2001. Some intelligence sources said he was; others indicated he was in Pakistan at the time; still others suggested he was in Kashmir,'' wrote Franks [in a New York Times Op/Ed], who led the invasions of Afghanistan and later Iraq as chief of the U.S. military's Central Command.

``Tora Bora was teeming with Taliban and Qaeda operatives, many of whom were killed or captured, but Mr. bin Laden was never within our gasp.''

Franks contended that the American military did not outsource military action, although ``we did rely heavily on Afghans because they knew Tora Bora.''
General Franks concluded: "And Iraq is one of the places that war must be fought and won. George W. Bush has his eye on that ball and Senator John Kerry does not."

  • Eric Lindholm (Viking Pundit) lays out how JF Kerry "will say anything to gain the Presidency." And it is getting wild just watching him go as his campaign nears its end.

    My corollary is: "When the facts don't fit the model JF Kerry needs to be elected, he or his crew either deny and contradict them or simply invent new ones."

  • Pat Buchanan has thrown his support to President Bush because, he says, "I disagree with Kerry on everything."

    It is not known if PJB will be able to sway the rest of the Neptunian vote in the President's direction.

  • I'd like to register a complain. I was not looking, but I woke up this morning about to realize that Spongebob Squarepants has set new standards for ubiquity. I noted today that a neighbor down the street has a Spongebob flag flying on his pole underneath OldGlory.

    It is heartening, though, to realize that Spongebob has to yet been enfranchised to vote. Then again, with the crack-laced left(ish) "get-out-the-vote" campaigns, it may be only a matter of time.

  • On a lark, I looked at my TTLB ecosystem rating today. That's an interesting system.

  • At this moment, I'm checking out a Piano Trio by Cesar Franck. There's a nifty tension going on.

    And my Nancy Sinatra CD arrived from Amazon today. (There's a story behind that one.)


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