• Fidel Castro, dictator of la Republica de Cuba, fell down last week and broke his boo-boo. Asked about Uncle Fidel's health on Friday, State Department spokesman Richard Boucher offered: "I guess you'd have to check with the Cubans to find out what's broken about Mr. Castro."

  • The late actor Christopher Reeve is pitching Prop 71 (human embryonic stem cells) on TV in California, while actor Michael J. Fox is hawking stem cells and Republican Senator Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania. Dunno what journalist/filmmaker/political scientist Michael Moore is selling, but it is starting to attract flies.

  • House Majority Leader Tom DeLay was to testify Monday in a civil lawsuit against the Department of Public Safety, but now he doesn't have to. His lawyers have petitioned that the subpoena be rejected, which means that his testimony is delayed until after a hearing can be held on their motion. Hammer Time, indeed.

  • The school district in Puyallup, Washington, has canned Halloween festivities because some adherents to the Wiccan religion "have expressed displeasure with such images as witches with pointy noses and witches flying on broomsticks." Current Wicca practices, as a religion, are not as old as the "witches, pumpkin heads, and black cats, scary spooks, and black bats." The kids were there first.

  • I'm listening to Dmitri Shostakovich's Symphony no. 13, which is called "Babi Yar." Penned in 1962, it has been described as the culmination of a period "in which a Mussorgsky-derived nationalism is refracted through post-Stalinist cultural uncertainty." Can you imagine being a creative individual in that morally bankrupt society at about the time Khrushchev was banging his shoe and threatening to crush various things? It must have been maddening, and Shostakovich captures that. I'm a little put off by the deep voices intoning Gawdknowswhat in Russian, but I guess it's part of the charm. It lasts an hour.


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