• Duelfer Report as quoted in the Washington Post:
    "At a minimum, Saddam wanted to divide the five permanent members and foment international public support of Iraq at the U.N. and throughout the world by a savvy public relations campaign and an extensive diplomatic effort," the report said.
    He owned three of 'em. (David L writes a nice summary of the implications in a comment to a post below.)

  • Kerry says: "You're a liar!"

    President Bush replies: "No, you're a liar!"

    This is starting to resemble Tuesday night's veep debate.

  • These people are brilliant! From The Buzz off the Kansas City Star's web page:
    Kerra Fowler of Indiana went to eBay and offered up her shaved skull for an anti-Bush message

    After a sympathetic buyer bid $103.50, she got a tattoo of a large W, complete with a cowboy hat, with a red slash across it.

    Fowler, a mother of four, said the winning bidder asked her not to get the tattoo. But she went through with it, using a tattoo artist in Bedford, Ind.

    She gave half the money to the tattoo artist and used the rest to buy beer, pay part of a bill and buy a gift for her children.
    She should have purchased a wig, a hat, and a scarf if she was hoping ever to find employment.

  • I'm listening to Anton Bruckner's F-Minor Symphony. It's something he wrote while concentrating on being a concert pianist, and it's often called his Study Symphony or Symphony 00. Experts say that it was written before Bruckner found his unique voice, that it is derivative of Schubert. I'd ask Schubert what he thinks, but he died of Typhoid Fever at the age of 31 in 1828, on a day which would, in a later year, become the date of my birth. November 19.

    I spent two years in elementary school with a little girl named Kathy who played the piano and used to tease me incessantly about this.


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