• Drudge reports that journalist/film maker Michael Moore booted C-SPAN cameras from a UCLA speech last week. Moore says he was sick and wouldn't look good, but Drudge says he was showing extra footage from Fahrenheit 911. "Sources" tell Drudge that Moore wanted the footage reserved for the DVD ($$$), not free cable TV. Which says a lot about Moore's alleged pristine motives for directing and promoting this film. (He says he'll show it for free if it will harm the President.)

  • From the Omaha World Herald's editorial endorsement of President Bush:
    Bush's focus never wavered. It has not wavered to this day, despite the culture of fuzziness that exists in large segments of society and government. Politicians, and too many private citizens, have made "judgment" a bad word and thoughtlessly gone along with "just a little evil" instead of facing the tough decisions.
    Those large segments of society worship at the vacuous altar of insubstantial nuance.

  • The Blogger comments feature is bothersome, but I like receiving comments to these posts. And there are gems like this one: "I just scrolled through 70 entries and found about 3 comments. Don't quit your day job. – Anonymous." Ironically, I tried to add a comment in reply to the comment, but Blogger would not let me. So I'll reply here:

    "And yours makes four! Thank you for stopping by, Princess Margaret, but if you'd like to learn something, stop scrolling and start reading."

  • REMEMBER: National polls are meaningless, especially at this point; either way, I see a 8-10 lead for the President in the RealClear Politics national average, head-to-head, by Friday oops, the end of the month. (He's currently at 3.8.) That's where I see the momentum going right now. (They might be able to find the telephone numbers of Uncle Eddy Rendell's new voters in Philly, but I doubt it.)

  • The Yanks lead the Sox 4-3 in the 7th inning at Fenway as I type. This game is a little better, though except for a brief flash, Boston's bats have been listless. As has Gary Sheffields.

    Go Yanks!


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