• Columnist Robert Novak takes JF Kerry to task for using Dick Lugar and his injudicious word, "incompetence," to suggest that the Indiana Republican is a Kerry supporter.

  • The Dems say, "Halliburton." The New York Times online headlines it: "Top Army Official Calls for Halliburton Inquiry." No, the military is not in on it. It's Bunnatine H. Greenhouse, the top civilian contracting official for the Army Corps of Engineers. She argues, and the paper reports, that the Army improperly let Halliburton hear the terms of a contract it was soon to receive.

    Call the cops.

  • A new comScore Networks poll shows JF Kerry leading the President nationally amongst women by 1.7-percent, 47.6 to 45.9-percent.

    Five-percent of the women surveyed selected abortion as their top issue, with that group splitting, 67.5-percent to 27.6-percent, in favor of the President.

    It seems more women, according to that survey, adamantly oppose the practice than rabidly support it.

  • For music this evening, I'm checking out Rheinhold Gliere's second symphony. It's compelling music. Before this, I listened to his Harp Concerto. Op. 74. Back when his buddy Joe Stalin ran the show, Gliere was Chairman of the Union of Soviet composers. He was Stalin's favorite composer, the USSR's Wagner.

    But like with Wagner, I can say: "Good music from a detestable human being."


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