ABC's This Week with George S.

ABC's This Week this morning was a campaign commercial, and won which I've heard too many times already. ABC anchor Peter Jennings interviewed JF Kerry about the OBL vid. Now, I am not a violent man, but the desire to slap weighed heavy on my psyche. (If he is somehow elected, I will somehow have to temper this or they'll slap cuffs on me for saying it.)

Jennings opened by claiming that Republicans insist that the OBL vid will work in the President's favor this election. (I suppose some do, but none whom I've heard.)

Kerry responded: "I’m outraged." He does not think bin Laden should be a political issue.

Jennings informed him that it was his surrogates who started it, and Kerry said that he had told them not to do so.

Jennings told JF that voters favored the President by a wide margin on the issue of who could best defend the country against terrorism. Kerry rejected the polls and said he had seen different ones which favored him. (What are his people feeding him?)

Kerry said he would "fight a far more effective war against terrorism" than the President. The President "rushed us into war," he alleged. He followed with all the stuff from his campaign speeches and was certain to claim that he would not give contracts to Halliburton.

At that point, the show went off. To whom would he give these contracts? I'd like for him to list some other firms which do the work Halliburton does for their price and with their skill.

Never mind that. Kerry is hurting on the issue of terrorism, and the OBL vid has served to bring that issue further to the fore. The Kerry campaign needed a national forum in which for their candidate to blast the President and inflate his own credentials, and ABC obliged.



I believe it is of critical importance all bloggers combine to lay to rest the irresponsible rumors swirling around these two recent terrorist videos!

The man seen in the "Rivers of Blood" video is definitely NOT Karl Rove wearing a diaper on his head! Anyway, as the Kerry/Edwards campaign and the MSM have recommended, Americans should vote on November 2 giving no consideration AT ALL to the prospect of terrorists murdering U.S. school children.

Second, the man seen channeling Michael Moore in the Osama video was NOT Terry McAuliffe in a fake beard! What appeared to be a Kedwards campaign button on the front of his robe (first identified by Neil Cavuto) has now been positively identified by the Kerry/Edwards campaign as lint on the camera lense.

Mark has kindly offered us Kerry's views on the Osama tape (the 1/3 Al Jazeera permitted us to see). Make your choices on Tuesday accordingly - Bush or Osama... uh... Kerry.

By Blogger David L, at October 31, 2004 at 4:59 PM  

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