Teddy Kennedy speaks…

Presidential historian Bob Caro, the one who whitewashed Johnson, introduced the senior Senator from Massachusetts. Basically, we learned that he feels he's not fit to lick the man's feet.

And began by Teddy Kennedy talking up Boston. People do that, I suppose.

He said he wants us "to see that John Kerry has a nice, new home at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue." (Is Ms. Theresa Heinz thinking of purchasing that property?)

He was so careful. He discussed why the colonists came to the commonwealth of Massachusetts. Under the "old system," the ruler listened only to the elite few, favors were bought, votes didn't count, etc. Paraphrase: "The colonists knew we could do better, and we know we can do better."

He talked of drowning Republicans in Boston Harbor at a "little tea party."

The audience, funny hats on their heads, carried little signs which said simply: "Kennedy."

Thus said Ted: "Patriots, from John Adams, to John Kennedy, to John Kerry." Which name doesn't belong? Well, it's either Kerry's or President Adams's.

He preached unity, how we are bound together, yet President Bush wants to divide us. "Cities against subu… suber… siber… suberbs." Spit it out, Ted.

He preached of the Democratic Party believing we are one nation, and Kerry's going to unite us all. ("And when we say all, we mean all.") Some of us will be united with that crowd only under direct threat to our lives and liberty, and who knows what they have in mind?

Arnold's wife was there with her mumsy. Her husband was in Sacramento fighting Democrat nay-sayers.

"We should have honored… that America must give a decent respect to the opinions of mankind. We failed to do that in Iraq."

He argued that by alienating France, we lost the war on terror.

He accused President Bush of "squandering the good will after 9-11." "Good will," when only events-driven, does not last forever. The "good will" was immediate and short lived. The good will of which the Democrats speak dissipated of its natural course.

"And we pledge… and we pledge… and we pledge a fair minimum wage…" The government doesn't pay the wages. The government does not know what a company can afford, what a job is worth to that company. The market determines that, and anything else is an invitation mailed to failure.

"The only thing we have to fear is four more years of George Bush." Teddy said that is his version of F.D.R.'s famous quote. Let history record that Teddy Kennedy has cheapened majestic oratory for crass political purposes.

He invoked the memories of our first war dead, buried in little cemeteries. We have to defeat President Bush, he declared, so that we can finish their battle.

"Our struggle is not with someone named George who inherited the crown, though it sometimes seems that way."

He started out well, but he was raving at the end. He declared a war, tacking it onto an old war fought long ago to promote values he doesn't understand.

Teddy's speech was for the nostalgic and the very drunk.

Goodnight, Ted.



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