Steve speaks…

Retired Marine Lt. Colonel Steve Brozak, running for Congress from New Jersey. He volunteered to go back on duty after September 11.

"Up until then [18-months-ago], I was a Republican! But no anymore!"

He's complaining about deployments being extended. "Without the proper equipment to keep them safe." How hard it is with no allies. "The world looks at them with suspicion."

This ticked him off, and he became a Democrat. "I didn't change. My beliefs didn't change. … What changed was the direction of the Republican Party."

"The Republican Party left me behind, so I had no choice but to leave the Republican Party behind."

"He learned that lesson the hard way, as a lieutenant in the swift boats in Vietnam."

"This Marine will proudly follow John Kerry into battle."

"John Kerry has a plan to win the war on terror."

"John Kerry is someone who means what he says." (Before he is against what he says.)

He has condemned "hollow rhetoric…" Oh, we've got it here.

This kind of rhetoric has been used in the past. It sounds relevant to some now, perhaps, just as it sounded so in elections past.



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