The Stars of the Convention

It's Kerry's convention, but since there is no concrete Kerry, the convention had better belong to someone. So far, evident, the real stars at the Fleet Center funhouse: Michael Moore and Jerry Springer.

Not that it's been a bowl of cherries for Moore, who probably wishes it were, or at least some other form of edible. He had a rought time of it with CNN's American Morning anchor Bill Henner, and FNC's Bill O'Reilly's interview with Moore airs this evening (Tuesday) at 8p ET.

Henner's problem might be that he pinned Moore down on exactly who invited him to Beantown: not the DNC, but the Congressional Black Caucus. (It doesn't matter. If Kerry wanted him there, someone would invite him.)

[A general but specific hat tip to Taegan Goddard (Political Wire).]



Why did Moore feel the need to point out that the CBC were black?

By Blogger LegalXXX, at July 27, 2004 at 8:15 PM  

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