Saudi Feelings Hurt by a Non-Diplmat

In his speech last night, JF Kerry ticked off the oil-rich Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The candidate's offensive remarks?

"I want an America that relies on its own ingenuity and innovation, not the Saudi royal family."

Kerry knew that would upset the Saudis, as it has upset them in the past, but he opted to throw diplomacy to the wind.
``Saudi bashing is not an energy policy,'' an official with the Saudi Embassy in Washington said.
The embassy is not going to demand a formal apology, the official said, because Kerry is aware of how the Saudi royal family feels about such undiplomatic remarks.

Someone has to say something sometime to the Saudis, but not for cheap political points and most definitely note from a man who claims to the capable of earning the respect of the world. The Saudis do not forget such remarks.



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