The President Speaks…

"We are turning the corner, and we're not turning back."

In Springfield, Missouri Friday, President Bush told the crowd that the "heart and soul of America" was there. One wonders if, as JF Kerry asserted a few weeks back, Whoopi, Mellancamp, and the boyz spoke for them at the star-studded Kerry-Edwards rally of recent memory.

I'll see your optimism and double it. If politics were a poker game, that is the President's wager in reaction of Kerry's self-described "optimistic" tones of Thursday.

He spoke of his tax cuts as driving the recovery, and most economists agree and even Dem politicians agree. The President tells us that he was told: "I think we might see a boom bigger than the '90s." That's optimism, but please no bubble.

He stressed that the world changed on September 11, 2001. And "since that day, we've changed the world." We didn't hear Kerry mention this, the new governments in Afghanistan and Iraq, the new attitude from Libya, and that "the Saudi government is [today] taking the fight to al Qaeda."

"We are turning the corner, and we're not turning back."

He painted a fairly complete picture of Saddam Hussein with descriptions of the man's behavior. He said that the September 11 Commission report discussed the government's "failure of imagination." His Administration looked at the evidence of Iraq's capabilities and realized that "we must not fail to imagine" what Saddam might do.

Results matter, he said. "When it comes to" a lot of things, he said, "results matter. … And when it comes to choosing a president, results matter."

His opponent, he said, has had "no signature legislation" and "no significant record."

Kerry is nothing.

This should be effective with all but the ABB crowd. He's bursting with optimism over genuine results, not telling us that "hope is on the way," that we have nothing for which to hope until a new regime is in place in January.

After a week of watching the Democrats do the best they could, the President has shown that, in the parlance, it's no thaang.

Caveat: It can be argued that it's not fair to measure the President's speech against Kerry's, as the networks didn't force the President to talk over the applause and finish up. Or can it? Really.



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