Good morning.

  • Sorry I missed the speech. ChannelNewsAsia.com tells us that Clinton "hearkened back to better days for a Democratic party preparing to officially nominate Kerry on Thursday to challenge Bush for the White House in November."

    Clinton is the Democrats' star. His job at the convention is done, and now the Democrats have to face and to play the cards they've been dealt this year. JF Kerry will be a tough sell, kind of like peddling a patented Thingamajig without label or instructions.

  • For all those who believe that France is the world's most enlightened country and that gay marriage is what enlightened people do, we have a contradiction. France has nullified the country's first homosexual marriage and attempted to suspend the mayor who performed it.

    Which French government official is trying to suspend Begles mayor Noel Mamere for performing the ceremony? It is Interior Minister Dominique DeVillepin, the poet who was President Jacques Chirac's Foreign Minister and international water boy in the days preceding the liberation of Iraq. He's the "most sophisticated" of the bunch, and here he is, opposing gay marriage.

  • If you watch CBS News tonight, don't be surprised to see as the lead story that President Bush has again fallen off his bike. "This is Dan Rather for CBS News. In a tale of contrasts, while the Democrats were soaring in Boston, Republican President had fallen off his bike at his Crawford ranch. Experts contacted by CBS News say the fall is symbolic of the Bush Administration and could remind the public that millions of Americans pay a lot for that muffler."


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