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  • The Washington Post notes:
    Kerry's speech was to some degree a fight against tyranny -- the tyranny of the clock and the time limits imposed by the commercial networks on the proceedings.
    I noticed last night that JF was talking over the applause, and I assume the drunk partisans in funny hats were told to keep it down.

    This probably contributed to the appearance that the speech was just not a good one. With the networks dictating the cadence for capitalistic reasons, it came out rushed.

    If this were an actual news event, the networks would not be able to set the rules. As it is, the Party is relying on the network for free airtime for their disinfomercial. And I expect it will be no different at Madison Square Gardens in September.

  • Aaron Margolis (Pardon My English) was outside the FleetCenter last night while Kerry carried on inside.
    I was in Boston, holding my "Boston Commuters for Bush" sign, receiving many dirty looks, yells, but also a fair amount of support.

  • The link on Blogs for Bush has provided some traffic, and hello to you visiting from there. Remember, I am one of you; in fact, if memory serves, this was one of the first Blogs for Bush. I'm proud of this affiliation, and I'm damn proud of our President.

  • For Illinois GOP Senatorial candidate Jack Ryana -- bet know for dropping out of the race and, for a time, possibly being replaced by Mike DItka has finally submitted the paperwork to have his name removed from the November ballot.

    No hurry, I suppose. The Illinois GOP still has select a replacement, the candidate to take on the rising star juggernaut Obama (one name).


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