Opinion Journal: Zell Miller

In a piece on today's Opinion Journal, outgoing Senator Zell Miller (D-Georgia) tells us why he did not attend last weeks DNC in Beantown, where the drunk partisans in funny hats were told: "Hope is on the way!"
No longer the party of hope, today's Democratic Party has become Mr. Kerry's many mansions of cynicism and skepticism. As our economy continues to get better and businesses add jobs, Mr. Kerry's going around America trying to convince people that the roof is about to cave in. He talks about "the misery index" and the Depression. What does he know about either?

[ . . . ]
still believe in hope and opportunity and, when it comes right down to it, Mr. Bush is the man who represents hope and opportunity. Hope for a safer world. And opportunity for Americans to work hard, keep more of the money they earn, and send their kids to good schools. All the speeches we heard this week weren't able to hide the truth of what today's Democratic Party has become: an enclave of elites paying lip service to middle-class values. Americans looking for a president who understands their struggles and their dreams should tune in next month, when we celebrate the leadership of George W. Bush.

It's a worthwhile read, in which he argues that the Democratic Party has changed from what it was when he began his political career. I guess one either changes with the party or gets out. And it's important here to note that the Jimmy Carter we heard speaking last Monday sounded little like the one America elected in 1976. (Yes, he was much less disagreeable back then.)

Carter seems to have sold his soul for a moment's celebrity. Miller has kept his soul and found his new moment the honest way.


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