Nancy speaks…

It's Nancy Pelosi.

She is talking up Kerry and saying that "our work will not be complete unless we elect a Democratic Congress."

You know, the Kerry people -- who say they wanted a non-bashing convention -- must have thrown her speech in the bin and written a new one. The woman is calm, measured, stayed and… yes, somewhat pedantic.

She's calmly explaining things. They might not be so -- by a long shot -- but her tone is scary. This is not the Nancy Pelosi we know.

"Health care is not a privilege. Health care is a right." Derived from what?

Said calmly: "Democrats have it right."

Stop it, Nance, you're giving me the creeps.

"Democrats in the House are more united than any time in the last forty years."

She's excited about the Dem pickups in SD and Kentucky, and last week in NC.

"Democrats are leasing the way into turning Red States into Blue." Hmmm.

This is curious. She's delivering the speech to the crowd of drunken partisans with funny hats littering the convention floor, but she's not trying to fire them up or rally them. Is this the start of a new Nancy Pelosi, or is this a one-off after a Bob Shrum-induced temporary lobotomy?

I'm speechless.



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