Misleading the Misled

This is from a childish source, Dissident Voices: "[A]n internet newsletter dedicated to challenging the distortions and lies of the corporate press and the privileged classes it serves." In fact, it's from juvenile column worthy only of a footnote to an afterthought but for two points:
The experienced senator [JF Kerry] asserted, “I will be a commander in chief who will never mislead us into war.” In other words the self-admitted misled now wants to lead.
If Kerry were misled, then so was the President. If the President misled, then so did Kerry.

The other:
At the Democratic Convention Kerry declared, “I defended this country as a young man and I will defend it as president.” Yet his testimony at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on 22 April 1971 belies fighting in defense during the Vietnam War. Kerry then stated, “We found that not only was it a civil war, an effort by a people who had for years been seeking their liberation from any colonial influence whatsoever, but also we found that the Vietnamese whom we had enthusiastically molded after our own image were hard put to take up the fight against the threat we were supposedly saving them from.” Transparent from this statement is that the Vietnamese were no threat and hence the US was not in Vietnam defending the homeland.
I'll extend that. Kerry said in 1971 that he was not defending the United States or its interests in Vietnam.

Here's JF Kerry from last night, speaking of his Band of Brothers: "We fought for this nation because we loved it and we came back with the deep belief that every day is extra." That's not what he said in 1971, when he was on and on about wiring genitals and whatnot.

Last night, Kerry claimed: "I defended this country as a young man and I will defend it as President." In 1971, he said he was pretending to protect the Vietnamese from a "threat" they welcomed.

It's great that he is now talking of his Vietnam experience in realistic terms, not in those selected by those on the rabid left. Including himself. But at the same time, he continues to assert that he was right to protest the war, claiming that he was objective to the way it was conducted and not to the war itself. Read his comments, and he was objecting to the war in Vietnam. He said we had no business attempting to stop the spread of Soviet communism because the Vietnamese wanted Soviet communism.

I think JFK was right to start the war, and I think he did so for the right reasons. It was a noble war fought by noble men, and the JF Kerry on the gunboat was one of them. He got his early transfer back to the States, and he began protesting the war as an ignoble one fought by mosters.

Now he asserts that he sees the experience as noble, yet he feels that he was right to call it ignoble. Last night, I wrote: "There is a contradiction to this campaign." The contradiction is JF Kerry himself.

On personal matters of grave important, he has misleading the misled -- and thanking them for their support.



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