Madeline speaks…

It's Clinton's foreign policy lady, Madeline Albright. Her first vote was "to put a courageous Senator from Massachusetts in the White House." She's going to repeat that this year.

She says Kerry is going to lead not only like Clinton and JFK, "but also America's greatest generation: Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower."

Madeline, Ike was a Republican.

"Our adversaries have nothing to offer but hatred, destruction, and death." I hope she's talking about the terrorists. (One would never know after listening to Teddy Kennedy, Sharpton, and Dean.)

She accused the President of "tweak[ing] intelligence to justify war."

"Under his leadership, we will persist until we prevail."

Kerry believes that America must explain our actions to other nations and try to get them to agree, but he "will do whatever it takes to defend America whether others approve or not." (This is not what he has said and demonstrated.)

Now she's talking about Nazi storm troopers in her native Czechoslovakia. (Not in a MoveOn.org/George Soros manner, thankfully.) She's saying that she loves our country… and that's why she's supporting Kerry.

She sounds not at all like her appearances on the Sunday shows. Has Shrum castrated these people for "Kerry's night"?



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