LA Times: voters "swayed" but not "sold"

According to a story in the Los Angeles Times, a survey of undecided registered voter had determined that this group was swayed by the "forceful tone" of JF Kerry's nomination acceptance speech, but they were "were still wary of his reputation for hedging his bets [flip-flopping]."

Of those survey's sample, the paper says the group "spans the American mainland from rural central Florida to a small Pacific coast town in Washington state."

All eight of them.

But of the eight, a retiree was swayed by JF's speech. Kerry gets the vote of Annie Hurdle of Greensboro:
"He usually sounds kind of boring. But he was pronouncing those words so good, I have to go with him now all the way."
We have to select the man who is going to lead our country through probably the most complex threat in our nation's history, and she's going to vote for someone who fails to understand what the threat is because of his pronunciation skills?

This is frightening.


I know few details now, and I'll repeat none, but word is that something will happen beginning in mid-August [correction] which could seriously damage Kerry's campaign. It has something to do with that large segment of Kerry's "band of brothers" which do not want him to be president. For what it is worth, one source told me that Kerry may consider pulling his name from consideration.

For what that's worth.



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