Kerry's Not the Man

Bad news for the Democrats. In fact, this might be the worst news for them since that night in early November, 1984: they are stuck with a dud.

This Reuters piece from the Reuters site is headlined by Reuters:Many in Boston Will Settle for Boring Over Bush.
[S]ome [delegates] admitted to wishing another Democrat was at the top of the party's ticket to take on President Bush.

[ . . .}
Other Democratic voters interviewed said they would choose Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, former Vice President Al Gore, Kerry running mate John Edwards or Dean ahead of their own senator. None said Kerry was their first choice.
Although the story did not specify, the language used ("their own Senator") leads us to believe that delegates from Massachusetts preferred Al Gore to JF Kerry.

That's a problem.

The nomination has not been formally voted, and the Democrats need a quick revolution.
ADDENDUM: Steven Taylor (PoliBlog) has a special edition Toast-O-Meter with a look at the first two nights of the convention. Check out his insight.


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