Kerry: 'Fuel Cells will end Terrorist Threat'

Thursday night, JF Kerry will evidently argue that ending our dependence on Middle Eastern oil will end the threat terrorists from the region poses to our national security. Which means either he thinks that they took down the towers because we buy Saudi oil, or that if we stop purchasing such oil and just ignore the region, our problems will go away.

Kerry propose paying the auto-makers billions of taxpayer dollars to build more fuel efficient cars and spending billions of taxpayer dollars in an attempt to find another fuel. The Kerry plan was evidently the idea of Rand Beers, a former appointed security advisor to whatever President happened to be in office at the time and a close friend of both Joe Wilson and Richard Clarke.

According to the Boston Globe article linked above:

Charli Coon, a senior policy analyst for energy and environmental issues at the conservative Heritage Foundation, is critical of Kerry's plan. She argues that even if all new vehicles have greater fuel efficiency, it will take many years for the current fleet on the road to be replaced.

In the meantime, the United States will continue to need greater supplies of oil and natural gas while global competition for purchasing the fuel is rising in such countries as China. But the Kerry plan does not call for new exploration in places like Alaska and on the continental shelf surrounding the United States, where drilling is currently forbidden.

"It plays well, and I think it's politically correct to say we are all going to be energy independent," Coon said. "But energy is a global commodity now, and I think that's naive."

To rebut Ms. Coon, the paper talked to environmental activist.

And the line is drawn.



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