Joe speaks…

It's Joltin' Joe Lieberman.

He thanks them for the first Jewish nomination for Veep. Forever grateful to Al Gore

Barack Obama "proved that the dream is still alive in the Democratic Party."

"Campaigns are about the future, not the past…"

"They're not only going to win the popular vote, as Al Gore and I did, they're actually going to take office and move forward."

He called terrorists as great a threat as the Nazis and the Soviet Communists, the latter of whom some liberals liked a half a century ago.

He reminded us that the Department of Homeland security was his idea.

Kerry and Edwards, he said, are "positive, constructive, [and] affirmative."

He predicts that Kerry and Edwards will pick up the votes of millions of Americans "who wish to cast a vote not of protest, but of promise." He sees a groundswell of non-ABB support for this ticket.

Bill Clinton's resolve to strengthen our alliances everywhere in this world? President Bush is negotiated and concluding more free trade agreements than did Clinton.

"Let us go forward from this convention…"

"Hope is on the way."

At least he didn't really insult the Administration. Nice guy, that Joe.

The crowd applauds politely.



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