Joe speaks…

And Richardson called it to order at 7:47p Beantown time. And he's listing the towns and States with live links. This requires: "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

Here's Joe Biden.

"My name is Joe Biden, and I'm a Democrat."

"The struggle with radical fundamentalism." He wants to unite the world against terrorism.

The French ran a headline: "We are all Americans now." Imagine how FDR or JFK were President then and "had seized that moment."

He wanted Bush to call for a program of national service and a national energy policy that would eliminate the need to be friendly with the Middle East.

The "opportunity squandered," Joe, was not an opportunity. It was a momentary reaction to tremendous tragedy. Once the shock wears off, things drift back to where they were. That is what has happened.

"We are responsible for the aftermath [of the war] virtually alone."

"Because the intelligence was hyped to justify the war…" That's an accusation, refuted by both a Senate Intelligence Committee report and the 9-11 Commission report.

He's doing the old story about Charles DeGaulle trusting Jack Kennedy that the missiles were in Cuba just because he was the President of the United States. That was a different world, Joe. Then, the civilized world could trust either the United States or the Soviet Union. That was DeGaulle's choice. Get it?

"It's only leadership if someone follows, and no one is following." It's Statesmanship to do what is right regardless.

"Kerry will not hesitate to unleash the power of the military against anyone who does us harm, and without asking for anyone's permission."

"When John Kennedy is… when John Kerry is President…"

Kerry will keep preemption as an option, Joe says, but will also develop a strategy of prevention.

"John Kerry, as a student of history…"

He's quoting the Bible, sort of. "Just as Joshuas trumpet brought down the walls of Jericho… so will [global terrorism] fall to America's swift sword." The walls of Jericho fell because of God. With Kerry, God does not enter into it.



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