JF Kerry sells the President a little short

President Bush this morning in Missouri told the audience that JF Kerry "has had thousands of votes [in his 19-year Senate career], but very few signature achievements." Kerry, though, would have none of it:
Kerry fired back at Bush's criticism, dismissing it with a laugh as "the response to a positive campaign." He said he was behind "a long list" of legislation during his 19-year Senate career, including funding for more community police, improvements to health care and support for fisheries
That was not the President's point. Plenty of Senators have worked on health care, police, and, of course, fisheries, but are these Kerry's "signature achievements," ones with which he is easily identified? Has he been the fisheries Senator?

Nope. Kerry has nothing.

But he dug his hole a little deeper:
"They don't have a record to run on, so all they can do is attack," Kerry said.
No track record? Tax cuts, the international war on terror, free trade with Australia, al Qaeda sliced and diced and on the run, the capitulation of Libya's Muammar Qadhafi, the strongest relationship with Britain since World War II, and the liberation of Iraq. He's got something going on, and it is that with which he speech dealt. The dismissal of Kerry was a few lines.



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