Howard speaks…

These speakers are chronological sardines.

Howard Dean. He received quite an ovation. ("My lord!") It's their way of saying, "Thank you, Howard!"

He thanked a lot of States by name… where's the shriek?

"I was hoping for a reception like this. I was hoping that it would be on Thursday night, not on Tuesday night." Ego over unity, but this is Dean.

He called President Bush a liar. And he went with that line about cutting soldiers' pay and veterans' benefits. He can do that, I assume, in front of an audience with its collective head buried in the sandbox from which the other kids pushed him out.

He talked about he heart warming money he got from little people, a girl who sold her bike, a disabled woman who gave from her check, etc. We are learning about the Dean campaign.

"We are not going to let those who disagree with us shout us down under a banner of false-patriotism."

He's listing States again. Utah, Idaho, Texas. That's where they're going to be proud to call themselves Democrats again. I suppose they lost that pride after eight years of Clinton, according to Dean, or after the Al Gore's 2000 tragicomedy.

He's talking about "giving new life to our party." Yes, he's been credited with that. He's talking about himself.




Dean sure enjoyed the support from the party faithful, but it sure looked like his speech was perfunctory and without any genuine zeal for Kerry.

By Blogger Eric, at July 27, 2004 at 9:38 PM  

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