Give me Ed…

Governor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania…

"I thought Terry McAuliffe liked Bob Graham and liked me, but putting us after Al Sharpton… I don't know."

He's going to talk about "energy independence."

We're squandering the opportunity to build efficient appliances. And we're "forced to deal with tyrants and terrorists" to keep our lights on, etc.

No kid should die for foreign oil.

Now, I've read that JF Kerry will discuss this tomorrow.

"We must declare our independence: Our energy independence!"

He's setting Kerry up for tomorrow. He says Kerry has a plan.

Kerry's going "to do whatever it takes" to pipe in as much natural gas as we need. He's going to "roll up his sleeves" to convert coal to gas.

"Moving towards energy independence means creating new jobs!"

Sometimes I stop and ask myself: What does any of this have to do with government in a free society? The answer is nothing, but that's not what these folks are talking about.

Kerry's going to "boost demand for alternative sources of energy by 20-percent!" How?

Oh, he's going to cut the federal energy bill by $14-billion dollars, by having federal workers turn off lights, etc.

This is hypothetical and freaky.



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