Daschle speaks…

Geez. They're spitting people onto the stage like mink.

Every August, Daschle says, he listens to "people who are struggling and others who are doing well." They are united, he said, by a "love of our country."

He complained -- or said South Dakotans complain -- that we are rebuilding Iraq while not "doing right by America."

He says we should "honor the fundamental difference between right and wrong."

John Kennedy "led his small band of brothers"… oh, in Vietnam.

"When he came home from the war, he dedicated his life to public service." No, he protested his "band of brothers," calling them genocidal maniacs.

Enough point-by-point. It was a strongly pro-Kerry speech, the first I'd yet heard. (That includes the State and local candidates, the ones I heard, who spoke to no one this afternoon.)

Oh, "Enron and Halliburton [are] undermining our common purpose." How did Halliburton become linked with Enron? Oh, never mind. It is because the Democrats have created a false link. Enron was crooked, Halliburton was our Veep's company, so linking the two with no cause links Dick Cheney and corruption.

He predicts that Democrats will take back the Senate this November. He listed the names of the Democrat challengers in rapid succession, but he forgot to punctuate it with a shriek: "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"



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