Carol speaks…

Carol Mosley-Braun talked about her grandfather, a soldier who was not allowed to vote. It is a heartless and unspeakable legacy…

She said the future he fought for is our presence. Its our duty, she said, to fight for another great future. We have a duty to our ancestors and our children to vote for JF Kerry.

She contrasted the "potential of John Kerry and the tack record of this Administration."

"We have the opportunity to give this country a GREAT president," she said. But Kerry's potential is to be mediocre at best. He has no greatness about him, and that much is obvious even to Democrats.

She said Kerry will fight for the Equal Rights Amendment. E.R.A. is dead. Is he going to start over again? I hadn't heard that one.

She's not a stirring orator.

At least she grinned when she said to "make sure that every vote get counted."

Yeah, best speech yet.



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