Brit Analysts: Bush loss hurts Blair

Reuters chatted with some British political analysts who told them that a Kerry victory in November would leave Prime Minister Tony Blair feeling all by his lonesome in the world.

Britain's Labour [sic] Party his naturally allied with the Democrats in the U.S., but in this case, Blair would be the only one of the "major" war allies, according to Reuters, who would not have been booted by voters. (Spain's erstwhile Prime Minister José Maria Aznar has already been given the boot by voters.)

There are a few chinks in this analysis. First of all, JF Kerry would remain Blair's ally in Iraqi reconstruction and security, for now. Secondly, life at home is far from perfect for both France's Jacques Chirac and Germany's Gerhard Schroeder. Chirac's UMP Party took a bath in June's regional elections, and Schroeder's LDP Party's popularity rating has fallen to 23-percent.

One need only feel alone when there are popular kids in your neighborhood.



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