Bob speaks…

Bob Graham gets prime time. Where's the notebook?

He said Florida "has made a difference to me. An Florida will make a huge difference for John Kerry and John Edwards." A smattering of applause followed, barely audible.

He's voting for the two Johns, he says, because the Preamble of the Constitution calls on the government to provide for the common defense.

A thousand days after Pearl Harbor, we had landed in Normandy, he said. A thousand days into the war on terror, he adds, we haven't even planted the beachhead.

This is a different kind of war, Senator. Pay attention.

As Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, he says, he saw where September 11 "should have been prevented." (He didn't say where.)

He said the recommendations of the 9-11 Commissions were obvious, and he faulted the President for not having implementing them before they were made.

"And ladies and gentlemen we know, Iraq did not attack the United States on September 11. It was Osama-been-forgotten…" He wants the war on terror to be solely a war of vengeance and retribution. The President is fighting also to eliminate future terror.

Kerry and Edwards, he says, will take the war on terror "wherever it needs to be fought." They will have to get French permission first.

Most of the crowd seems to have left.

It must be tough to follow Sharpton in front of a crowd of drunk partisans.



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