Bill speaks…

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson starting speaking in Spanish.

In English: "It's time for John Kerry."

He just equated al Qaeda with past regimes that hate the values of the United States. This is what the President said, but it is what many Democrats dispute.

"Our standing in the world is at an all time low… we are all alone in a dangerous world." These are lies.

He's telling us what he could do four years ago, convincing other nations to do things we were strong and respected. "After four years, a lot of that good will a disappeared."

"Power breeds indifference. And power without respect breeds contempt."

We're broke, stretched thin, unpopular, and distracted from catching al Qaeda. (We've been finding them apace, with our global allies. Pay attention, Bill.)

This man needs a rebuttal.

"It's time for new leadership in America. It's time for a new President. Now more than ever, it is time for John Kerry."

What is thought formed in a vacuum?



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