Barack speaks…

Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois introduced candidate Barack Obama, the keynote speaker.

He told his life story: grandfather a Kenyan cook for the British, his dad came to school in America…

"They gave me an African name, Barack."

"My story is part of the larger American story. … In no [other] country on Earth is my story even possible."

And, he said, they're meeting to reaffirm the Declaration of Independence. Yeah, he's talking about my America. Until… "and our votes will be counted, at least most of the time." He's spoiled what was an eloquent speech with a trendy lie. That's all it is. It's hip for Dems to joke about that; it's their wink, their secret handshake.

"People don't expect government to solve all their problems…"

John Kerry, he says, "embodies the best that government has to offer."

And he's criticizing the cost of war. And accusing the President of lying and of "going to war without enough troops to win the peace and earn the respect of the world."

"Even as we speak, there are those preparing to divide us…. There is no liberal America; there is not conservative America; there is only the United States of America."

He talked of federal agents "rooting around in our libraries." I've heard canard after canard this evening.

But he's wowing the crowd.

In about fifteen minutes. He had a strong voice, a good cadence, a more non-sequitur than I've heard in a long time. His personal story is wonderful, but his conclusions were based on a patchwork of nonsense.

That's that. I'm opting out of Theresa's little talk. My mind is a little numb after listening to these mind-numbing chronological sardines, marched onto the stage seemingly at sixty-second intervals.

But Barack Obama is now a media star and is entitled to go by one name. I wondered if it would be "Barack" or "Obama." The signs said "Obama," so that's it.



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