The A.C.L.U. and its Money Supply

In order to continue participating that allows federal employees to donate to it through payroll deduction, the A.C.L.U. has voluntarily agreed not to hire anyone on a federal watch list of terrorists. In April, the A.C.L.U. filed suit against the federal government to block the "no fly" lists of suspected terrorists who cannot get on airplanes.
"We oppose 'no fly' lists," said Michael Meyers, a member of the group's executive committee. "Now we have a 'no hire' list that we've signed onto. We're in the midst of an organizational cultural crisis of enormous size."
This should not be a problem for an organization which seeks to selectively protect only those rights it deems worthy of protection. It need only opt out of protesting the no-fly list as it has elected not to defend Second Amendment gun rights and First Amendment religious rights.



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